Textbook of Physiology (Volumes I and II)

Textbook of Physiology (Volumes I and II)


Volume I includes General Physiology, Blood, Nerve, Muscle Physiology, The Digestive System, The
Cardiovascular System (CVS), The Respiratory System and The Excretory System.
Volume II includes Metabolism and Nutrition, The Endocrine System, The Reproductive System, The
Nervous System and The Special Senses.
Salient features of the book are:
1. As per MCI competency based undergraduate curriculum.
2. Entire text thoroughly revised and updated along with many clinical pictures.
3. More study questions including 3000 MCQs along with many long structured questions.
4. Separate booklet on questions and answers in physiology incorporated.
5. Encourage self testing; develop confidence during examination; builds basic concepts.
6. Helps to aquire clinical knowledge for better treatment
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