Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students (As per revised MCI curriculum)

Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students (As per revised MCI curriculum)


• As per revised MCI curriculum.

• Content has been reduced to the undergraduate level.

• Rapid advances in the area of molecular biology have been incorporated.

• Specific Learning Objectives provided at the beginning of each chapter to specify what student should learn from that chapter.

• NEW: Color coding used to represent enzyme names instead of numbers for better readability, i.e. Enzymes presented with Green color; By Products with Red Color, and Compound Names with Black Color.

• NEW: Major pathways have been collated at a single place to make it more reader friendly.

• NEW: Important classifications, facts, tables, cyclic reactions, etc. have been depicted as Key Concepts at the end of chapters for quick revision.

• Relevant and significant mechanisms and theories are explained with the help of schematic diagrams and graphs.

• Chapters on clinical chemistry have been extensively updated and clinically relevant points are added.

• A major attraction of this edition is the incorporation of Clinical Case Studies in almost all the chapters to help students identify the clinical relevance of biochemistry.

• For integrated learning and early clinical exposure (which is a major highlight of the new curriculum), clinical chemistry and applied aspects are incorporated in Boxes, which are “nice to know” for students.

• Chapter summary is provided at the end of each chapter for quick recapitulation

• For last minute revision, Essay Questions, Short Answer Questions, Multiple Choice Questions and Viva Voce Questions are given at the end of each chapter which are compiled from the question papers of various universities from the last decade and have been rephrased as per the new curriculum.

• NEW: New Figures have been added for better reproducibility.

• Appendices provide useful information on abbreviations, normal reference values, conversion chart, recommended daily allowance of essential nutrients, and composition of nutrients in selected common food materials.

• 1200 figures, 200 tables and 200 boxes altogether making the book more student-friendly.

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