Review of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology including Clinical & Pathological Aspects

Review of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology including Clinical & Pathological Aspects


* As per the competency Based Medical Education Guidelines of National Medical Commission (NMC) for Indian Medical Graduate released in 2018.
* Full colored text, competencies listed at the beginning of each topic.
* All the chapters are revised and updated, and some new chapters and topics added as per the regulations.
* Each chapter starts with Learning Objectives, further divided into “Must know” and “Desirable to know”.
* This book utilizes the “magic bullet” for quick revision of the subject.
* The text is enriched with line diagrams, boxes, tables, differentiation, and flowcharts extensively.
* Important points highlighted as “Pearls’ which will be useful during Viva and Multiple-Choice Questions.
* Innovative “image-based questions” have been incorporated within the text for better understanding.
* “High-yield” provides a nutshell view of the chapter comprising of key take-away messages.
* A case report has been included at the end of the chapter to generate inquisitiveness.
* Older terminologies and concepts have been removed and newer ones added.
* Use of nanotechnology in medical field has been highlighted in some chapters.
* Recent advances and changes incorporated wherever possible in colored boxes.
* Important sections of IPC, CrPC and IEA, and signs and antidotes of common poisons are given in separate tables at the beginning of the book.
* Latest topic-wise MCQs from previous PG entrance examinations which was highlight of this book has now being given as soft copy with unique code to access it. These MCQs will help in preparing the students for their current viva voce and NEET and DNB exam in future.

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