Pharmacology for MBBS

Pharmacology for MBBS


Salient Features of the book are: it is written absolutely as per National medical Commission (NMC) (erstehile MCI) recommended “competency based medical education (cbme) curriculum. Book is thoroughly updated and competencies are mentioned with specific learning objectives in each br>Chapter the precise mechanism of action, clinical uses and adverse effects of drugs/drug group with relevant explanation have been mentioned. Important facts and Reasoning (why/how etc.) are given throughout the text; and also important notes to make certain generalizations and key points. New drugs for migraine, diabetes mellitus and newer antibiotics etc., have been included and treatment of varius diseases has been updated such as hypertension, tuberculosis, hepatitis and hiv-aids based on latest who and National guidelines. Selected multiple choice questions (MCQs) have been given at the end of each br>Chapter for self-assessment.

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