Parasitology Protozoology and Helminthology

Parasitology Protozoology and Helminthology


The book has been divided into four sections. The first is an introductory section describing the terminology and general principles of parasitological studies. Then there are two sections: Protozoology and Helminthology. In each section the parasites of man have been classified and described under the following headings: Geographical distribution, habitat, morphology and life cycle, pathogenicity and clinical features, diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis. The concluding section is by way of an appendix, detailing various techniques adopted for parasitological diagnosis.This book is adequately illustrated with the line diagrams and coloured plates and there are also specially compiled tables to assist the reader in readily grasping the essential points discussed in the text. In fact, no pains have been spared to make the book as attractive and appealing to the students as possible and the author hopes that he has been able to provide a complete guide to the students reading Medical Parasitology, which will not only be of help in their class-work but will also give them a better understanding of the subject

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