Hutchinson’s Clinical Methods: An Integrated Approach to Clinical Practice

Hutchinson’s Clinical Methods: An Integrated Approach to Clinical Practice


The features improvised in the sixth edition are as follows:
This book is comprehensive, fully updated as per the recent needs and easy to assimilate.
Sixth edition of the book revamped to meet the requirements of competency based medical education recently promoted by the NMC curriculum
Complemented with clear, simple language, lucid style ,diagrams and photographs by Master of the subject
Full of illustrations which will serve as vital feature for a valuable textbook
Learning objectives are included within the theory topic itself
As per new curriculum, a few topics have been deleted from the older curriculum and a few have been added.
Many changes have been incorporated in new edition but very few additional pages inserted as unnecessary and outdated information and obsolete surgeries have been deleted.
A new section called ‘Principles of Surgery’ which deals with ethics, communication, conduct, consent, research, audit, medico legal aspects, biomedical waste disposal and many other important topics.
Most of the competencies have been given the specific numbers for your quick reference.
A wide range of clinical topics are discussed, including clinical methods, with excellent quality photographs helpful for university clinical examination also.

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