Essentials of Practical Microbiology

Essentials of Practical Microbiology


* New edition written in accordance with competency -based medical education guideline by MCI
* This book will help students to know what to read for practical class, what to write in the records and what to read during MBBS university practical examination and how to diagnose infectious diseases
* Divided into two sections- General Microbiology and Hospital Infection Control (ii) Systemic Microbiology
* Includes: (i) Each chapter begins with problem-solving exercise (PSE)
* (ii) Parasitology has been incorporated; Hospital Infection Control section updated (iii) Sterilization and Disinfection chapter completely revised (iv) Covid-19 chapter has been included (v) AETCOM Module is added (vi) Separate chapter for university practical examination (vii) 700 images, kept according to the demonstrations of practical class

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