Essentials of Periodontology 1st/2013

Essentials of Periodontology 1st/2013


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Highlights :
-Authoritatively written, richly illustrated and comprehensive text, that has everything an Undergraduate needs.
-Every illustration has been meticulously developed to make understanding of the subject, principle or technique clearly.
-Subject is systematically explained through brief discussions, requisite figures, highlighted points and revision boxes.
-Numerous tables, flow charts and boxes throughout the book make understanding and revision of the subject easier.
-This book simplifies and explains complex concepts in Periodontics and presents ideas in a clear, visually imparting and easy-to-understand format.
-Chapters have been written in a simplified language and are user-friendly. Text has been presented in an extensive pointwise manner for clear understanding and easy catching figures are given to remember the text easily.
-Designed to facilitate grasping key information, with headings that offer a clear view of the contents of each chapter.
-All-in-all a perfect learning companion.


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