Essentials of Microbiology

Essentials of Microbiology


This book presents a thorough and systematic approach of microbiology in a very clear, concise, simplified and easily understandable manner. The text is amply illustrated by large number of figures, flowcharts, tables and boxes. This will help not only in understanding the concepts to clear the professional exams but will also teach the importance and application of microbiology in clinical practice.

* Covers all branches of microbiology viz. general and systematic bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology, hospital infection control and mycobacteriology.
* Organization of the text into sections helps to recollect the things easily
* Chapter outline in the beginning of each chapter helps to facilitate self-learning by the students.
* Syndromic approach to common syndromes highlights the important causes and laboratory diagnostic approach.
* Flowcharts and line diagrams represent the diagnostic procedures and life cycles.
* Multiple choice questions section-by-section at the end of the book for self-assessment of the topics studied.
* Use in conjunction with Practical Manual in Microbiology would suffice study in microbiology for medical and dental students.

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