Essentials of Medical Pharmacology

Essentials of Medical Pharmacology


• Revised and updated chapters including new drugs and latest treatment guidelines.

• Wide range of topics from basic pharmacological concepts to practical therapeutics.

• A new chapter on ‘Nitric Oxide and Vasoactive Peptide Signal Molecules’; has been added along with novel drugs that act by modifying action/turnover of these molecules.

• Priority has been accorded to drugs that are marked in India, and their leading brand names are mentioned along with dosage forms.

• List of abbreviations provided in the beginning of the book.

• All recently released drugs are included.

• Eye catching drug classification charts which help create pictorial memory.

• Several new figures, charts, tables and highlight boxes have been added.

• Focus on ‘evidence-based medicine’ by extensive reference to credible studies and endpoint trials.

• India-specific information on diseases, drugs and treatment guidelines, particularly for TB, leprosy, HIV-AIDS, malaria, kala-azar, etc.

• Therapeutic recommendations from eminent professional bodies and organizations.

• The ‘Problem Directed Study’ at the end of most chapters provides an exercise in therapeutic decision making.

• Includes Appendices on Solution to Problem Directed Study; Prescribing in Pregnancy; Drugs in Breastfeeding; and Drugs and Fixed Dose Combinations Banned in India.

• A brief list of useful references for further reading is provided at the end of the book.

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