Bedside Clinics in Surgery

Bedside Clinics in Surgery


• Practically almost all the sections have been revised.
• Special emphasis is given for elicitation of different physical signs.
• All surgical problems -emergency and non-emergency are discussed including important X-ray plates.
• Operating section includes all the steps of important operations.
• The TNM classification of all the malignant tumors has been updated.
• Surgical anatomy section discussed exclusive hand drawn illustrations and tried to correlate the anatomy portion with short and long cases.
• All the short and long cases are discussed with lots of color photographs and schematic diagrams.
What is NEW in the Third Edition?
• The concept of exact measurement of a swelling has been incorporated by using a Vernier caliper instead of a tape measurement.
• A new long case on management of diabetic foot has been added in the long case section.
• In X-ray section interpretation of mammography has been added.
• In surgical anatomy section, lower leg compartments and cervical fascia have been added.
• About 30-40 new figures added as per the requirement of the main text.

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